Laura & Colin's Engagement

It was a stunning June day when they called to tell me the news. I had just wrapped a morning kayaking on the Charles River with my husband when my phone rang. 

"We have some news," they said. "You probably already know what it is." 

I barely stuttered two words before the tears began rolling down my face. 

"DO I!?!" I managed.


Queue buckets of tears (mostly ... okay, actually all ... from me), and a grin that didn't fade for the entire week after. 

My sister Laura and her soon-to-be-husband Colin are a beautiful match for each other. I've admired their incredible love for years -- their devotion to each other, love for learning, and everyday silliness is unparalleled. 

So when they asked my cousin Amy and I to take their engagement photos, I was psyched. We flew to Rochester one beautiful fall weekend. We spent a day taking photos at Cobb's HIll Park -- one of their favorite places to run, walk Olive, and see gorgeous views of the Rochester skyline. 

Here are a few of my favorites from the day.