Having the time, opportunity, means, and privilege to travel the world doesn't happen often. For us, our move from Boston to Chicago for Biagio's MBA program afforded us a rare (and potentially non-recurring) opportunity to check off a bunch of places from our travel bucket list. 

So we hatched an ambitious plan: we would circumnavigate the globe. We'd travel 25,000 miles to visit 10 cities in 30 days to visit some of the places we've long dreamt of visiting. We'd eat incredible food, learn from different cultures, and discover some incredible natural beauty around the world (especially when surfing). 

This week, we landed back in the U.S. and it's been hard to sum up how incredible the #MineoWorldTour was. Each place we visited was different and special and eye-opening and delightful. But I hope the brief moments captured below hint at just how magical it was. Enjoy.


Big Island, Maui


Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Au Nang


Ubud, Mt. Batur, Uluwatu


Lisbon, Sintra, Peniche


Casablanca, Marrakech