Work BFFs

A little over two weeks after Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In hit bookshelves, I walked into my first day at a new job.

It was very different from my previous job. The company felt huge. They had a kitchen filled with all the free food and beer you could ever dream of. And in my very first week, they had copies of Lean In available at the front desk that anyone could take. 

I grabbed a copy and powered through it in a few days. 

Today, I forget most of the details in the book -- except for one. I'll never forget Sheryl's lesson on the power of having other women support you in your career. These women should be there to bounce ideas off of, give you advice when you're lost, and actively celebrate your accomplishments with (and for) you.

When I first read Lean In, I had no idea what was in store for me at my new job. Two years later, I feel incredibly lucky to have found friends who support, help, and celebrate my career with me. Here are a few photos of just how lucky I got.

(Anum, Brittany, Rachel, and Amanda: Thank you.)